We are very excited to announce a brand new ministry opportunity designed to help you spend time with your friends and family AND spend time learning and studying God’s Word from the comfort of your own home.  Our Family Devotion Nights are a video bible study, that will be available on our website that you can stream on any computer, smart phone or tablet device.

Rather than ask you to come TO THE church on a week night – we are encouraging families to set aside about 2 hours to do the Following.

Have dinner together as a family/friends.

Watch video devotional on our webpage and read the passage from the Bible.

Have some time together discussing what you have learned and pray together.

Do something fun. (play a game go get ice cream etc…)

This will begin on Wednesday night May 6th.  If for some reason you and your family are not available on Wednesday night – you can do this devotional at your convenience.