Full Life Family Church is a brand new church …Kind of.  We have a new vision, new energy, new passion and a new approach to seeing new people come into the kingdom of God.  In another way we are one of the oldest churches in the country.  Full Life Family Church started as “Assembly of God Tabernacle” back in 1939, and we were accepted into the Assemblies of God in May of 1940 and became Twin Falls First Assembly of God.  We have a truly rich heritage of seeing God move in the lives of people.  Among our church family we have some of the most gifted and wise bible teachers that any church could ever ask for.  We have GREAT people!  We have a number of people who have been around this church for 30 years all the way to charter members who have been apart of this work of God for over 70 years.  And they are some of the coolest people you will ever meet.  Our people are young at heart and full of life.   In early 2013, we became Full Life Family Church. We have a new vision to reach people of all ages who do not have an intimate relationship with God and His son Jesus Christ.  We believe that church is first and foremost a relational experience not a religious experience.  We believe that CHURCH is Community to belong to, not an obligation.  We believe that in order for you to live your life to the fullest – you have to be connected to a local church of believers.  Sure you may be able get to heaven without going to church regularly…  But God has so much more for your life and lives of those you could touch, if you would be a part of a church and FULLY walk out the calling of God on your life.